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Located in Prague, Nebraska
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About Us
We are a family business that started in 2008.
We own 2 acres of land in the beautiful Bohemian alps located
in Prague NE.

Why did we start growing hops?
A good friend of ours, Justin Stanislav, discovered some
unusual plants growing up his grandfather's trees,
(Which lay on a old railroad from 50 years or more). He did his
research and he found out that they were HOPS! He started
growing them and
we became interested in what he was doing!

Since our land was empty and we wanted to do something with
we decided to grow some of those hops.

It has not been easy by any means!
It has been a
lot of hard work, determination, planning,
and a love for what we are doing.

We are the largest hops growers in Nebraska, with 3 varieties:
Cascade, Willamette, and Glaciers.

We do an alpha and soil test every year.
50 year old hop plant
50 yearold Hops plant
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Important News:

Workshop in Progress:

We are hoping to have another Hop Workshop in the summer of 2015. Please contact Shad or
Bill Rhynalds if you would be interested at 402-649-0186 or 402-480-4201.

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